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Name: Transfer controlling device of the powder treatment System
Type : Patent
Date of registration: 1998. 06. 23(99. 03. 25. On early publicity)
Registration No.: 10-1998-023754
Early publicity No.: 10-1999-023167
Name : Application to Pneumatic Conveying System
Plastics : PET(SSP), TPA, PA, PE, PP, ABS, PS
Chemicals : TiO2, Carbon black, PVC
Foodstuffs : Coffee, Creamer, Powdered Milk, Tobacco, barley, Vitamin, Cocoa, Rice, Sugar
Detergent : Antifoamer, Tead green, Zelolite, Green enzyme, Soda ash, Sodium sulfate,
                Fluorescent bleaching, Enzyme
Industrial stuff : Silica, Perlite, Coal, Sand, White earth, CaCo3
Conveyed phenomenons of
Conveyed Phenomenon's Conveying
Characterized by Products
Dilute phase
(lean phase)
High energy consumption
High operating reliability
Wide products range
Medium phase
(strand phase)
Low energy consumption
Smaller pipe sizeĦĦ
Free-flowing powder
Fluff, PelletsĦĦ
Dense phase
(slug phase)
High load ration and Low wear
Less dust and streamers
Dense phase
(fluid phase)
Low energy consumption
Smaller pipe sizeĦĦ
Fluidizable powders
Phase diagram of Pneumatic Conveying